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Kind Reminder!

Let it be known that I am not the beauty dictionary, nor am I the know-all of all things beauty. This blog is not for me to teach or instruct, is to share my passion for makeup with you all. Discussion is welcome, and I acknowledge when I really don’t know something. It’s wonderful to learn from you, which is why I keep the discussion format open on this blog.

I am thankful for all your help, you are smart, beautiful beings and the fact that you don’t make me feel stupid when I mess up helps a lot :)

We are all here to learn—sometimes I think I learn more from you than you do from me lol—and the blog wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t because of our desire to continue learning. 


- Linda

diaryofahardfemme replied to your post: tammystiletto asked:I threw away …

Clinique stay matte is talc-based…most mattifying products are since that is what makes them matte..not the best for everyone but good for those wanting to achieve that look and to obsorb excess oils.

I don’t tend to look into product information unless completely necessary (since I don’t suffer from any allergies or anything), but it’s interesting to know. My skin hasn’t reacted badly to both of those powders, which is why I continue to use them :)

I want my beautiful liquid liner to STAY. What should I use? Brand? A sealing product?

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Stila has the BEST eyeliner hands down! Also Kat Von D makes a pretty kickass one, although the formula runs on the watery side for me. On a budget: Essence cream liner if you like it, it stays on all day :)

I threw away all my makeup products with talc and my skin stopped breaking out and looking cakey. I wish more people knew about how bad talc is! Every powder on drugstore lines have talc. How does your skin react to talc?

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I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t used drugstore powders since 2009 lol I have been faithful to my Clinique Stay Matte and Too Faced translucent powder :)