Make Up Is An Art

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First of all u looked fucking gorgeous in both pictures. Do not let this pathetic twisted shit tell u otherwise. It's people like this who have no pride in themselves who have to judge other people and criticisms because their unsatisfied with how they look. You look incredible and I'm glad u feel good about yourself because u deserve it

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Thank you :) although it is not our place to do any name calling.


But what I want to know is why anyone gives a shit about a nose that isn't on their own face. You can tell your nose is swollen (especially in the last picture when you have your face angled to the left) and as long as you're happy, does it really matter? You're right. If you got it smaller, it wouldn't be proportionate to your face.

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Ay, it’s beyond me :/ and I really don’t mind if someone doesn’t like it, but likening me to a burn victim is pretty damn offensive since those people not only have to deal with painful surgeries but with people like them that equate their condition with “ugly”

They could’ve just called me ugly and end it, but that was crossing the line.

sorry to ask you that, but you do a nosejob because you didn't like your nose before or because you broke it ? And, how old are you ?

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It was both. I fell face first on a ladder that was on the floor when I was four and broke a tooth and busted the nose. I was just waiting to be old enough to do something about it. I do not snore anymore!!! Small victory but so good.

And I am 22 :)